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CudaTel selects Flowroute as a preferred SIP provider

CudaTel is pleased to announce that Flowroute has been selected as a preferred provider, based on consistent service and quality VoIP features that Flowroute can bring to CudaTel customers.  Flowroute and CudaTel have completed the interoperability testing and certification process. The CudaTel Communications Server was integrated into Flowroute's SIP trunking as part of the certification process.  This provides the following benefits for CudaTel and Flowroute customers:
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and support
  • Reliable, feature-rich VoIP services
  • On-demand capacity, automation tools and real-time self-serve telephony management
Flowroute is an Internet telephony service designed by telecom savvy developers who want to help you turn your business communications into a business asset.  You can learn more about Flowroute through their website, at www.flowroute.com The CudaTel Communications Server is a PBX system that is made by IT, for IT.  It's easy to install, easy to manage, and has a low cost with a full set of features in every model.   With CudaTel, you get: World-class 24x7 support, every feature with every box (no per-user or per-feature fees), a web-based user interface that just makes sense, and standards-based interoperability without proprietary lock-in.  You can learn more about CudaTel on our website at www.cudatel.com Flowroute and CudaTel are offering a 30-day risk-free trial of the system.   Qualifying CudaTel installations will receive one month of Flowroute SIP trunking service for no additional charge. To get started with CudaTel, order a 30-day risk-free trial at http://cudatel.com/evaluation. For more information on CudaTel and Flowroute, see the press release here.